Acquired or Traumatic Brain Injury


Our support packages

Libertatem Healthcare Group specialises in the support of Personal Injury clients with Acquired or Traumatic brain injuries.  Our support packages can be engaged at any stage of your client’s rehabilitation journey from point of first discharge home onwards.

Our role is to work in Partnership with you as case managers to support your client to live as independently as possible as they come to terms with the Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Social changes they are experiencing post injury.

Highly skilled and experienced support professionals

Libertatem’s highly skilled and experienced support professionals will be key in accompanying your client along their rehabilitation pathway in 5 main areas:

Assessing Need

Continually ensuring your clients care package is fit for purpose and achieving its objectives.


Communicating behavioural changes to all professional within the Multi disciplinary team or alerting the need for the involvement of additional health professionals.


Monitoring and recording the impact of those changes in your client’s day to day life


Supporting your client to live as independently and confidently as possible by following bespoke and structured support plans that have the flexibility to evolve.


Providing accurate, timely and factual evidence to you and your client’s legal team in the form of electronic daily reports.

 Libertatem Healthcare Group are passionate about supporting clients with ABI and TBI so please contact us today for more information about how we can support your client along the rehabilitation pathway.


Physical: Problems walking, sitting, bathing, transfers, household tasks, slurred speech, chronic pain including headaches, fatigue or sleep difficulties.

Cognitive:  Easily distracted, poor memory, difficulty starting or finishing tasks, problems understanding conversations or coming up with the right words, taking more time to make sense of information, impulsiveness, confusion, problems with judgement, decision making, disinhibition, preservation on an idea, topic or activity.

Emotional: Irritability, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Swings, Anger management, emotional liability, behavioural outbursts, sadness, anger, frustration.

Social: Awkwardness or inappropriate behaviour, isolation, family breakdowns, difficulty maintaining relationships, change in roles, loss of confidence.