Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials

What do our clients say about us………

“Graham and his team at Libertatem have been nothing short of amazing. Thanks to you and your team my client, who presents with a brain injury and spinal cord injury, has been able to return home from a neurological residential setting where he lived for five years. This is not a easy case and my client presents with complex care needs. Libertatem have been able to source a team of very experienced and knowledgeable carers whom my client and his wife have become extremely fond of. The care team completed an extensive bespoke training programme all of which have been arranged by Libertatem. It is obvious Libertatem are passionate about care and ensuring the needs of the client are optimally managed. The level of clinical support offered by the agency has been fantastic and I have complete confidence in them managing my clients complex care needs. It doesn’t stop there as they are now wanting to set additional goals to improve my clients quality of life, including getting my client to a Tottenham Hotspurs game. This is noting short of amazing given my client was expected to remain within a care setting for the remainder of his life. I can not recommend Libertatem highly enough for complex care packages and look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

George Cleary – Case Manager

Bush & Company

“I have worked with Libertatem since its creation and have found that their Directors have continued to lead a team that is insightful and dedicated to the provision of care and support to their clients.  I have been extremely impressed by the quality of support workers that Libertatem put forward for clients and they are always of a far higher quality that I have been led to expect from other care agencies.  Graham, Dan and the team understand what level of quality and expertise I am looking for.  They understand that I expect the best for my clients and therefore will only put forward the support workers that they know can meet these high standards.

My clients all have complex needs and Libertatem understand fully the skills required in the support workers to ensure the client is safe and well cared for.  They have an excellent insight into the clinical aspects of the role and ensure their support workers have the skill set to equip them to work in a complex and challenging environment.

The Libertatem team are committed and passionate at what they do and I have no hesitation in recommending them to you and your service.”

Amanda Bairstow BA (Hons) HNC

Independent Social Worker/Case Manager

“Libertatem Healthcare were very responsive to my request to find a new support team for my client with complex needs (cognitive and communication difficulties) following a brain injury.

They spent time getting to know my client and within a week or two had arranged several successful “meet and greet” sessions with potential support workers and soon afterwards  set up a  24/7 support package.

Libertatem’s support plans are structured, flexible and responsive to my client’s changing needs. Their daily electronic records help me to be involved in tailoring support as my client’s rehabilitation needs change and they allow me to monitor the impact of intervention. This is key in allowing me to increase my clients independence whilst managing any risk associated with reducing support.”

Rachel Wilson BSc Hons Physiotherapy

Catastrophic Case Manager of the year 2017

“ I have been using Libertatem Healthcare since the company formed in March 2017 and have found their services to be of a very high standard.  They have been able to provide me with a flexible and outside the box approach to my clients support where other providers have not been able to.  Their daily record system gives me daily sight of the support my clients receive, allowing me to engage therapists and professionals a lot sooner than would normally be the case.  Graham Pope and his team understand the case management process and this really assists in providing my clients with a first class service. I have no hesitation in recommending Libertatem Healthcare to anyone seeking to engage a reputable provider to support their clients”

Dean Bush DipSW

Director of Case Management Services

Horton Tower Ltd

“I have supported my client for the last 18 months with all aspects of his care and support package. We initially recruited a large team of privately employed support workers to cover the required 2:1 service 24/7. After a few months, due to the difficulties of this package; family dynamic, challenging client due to his brain injury and the retention and recruitment of staff, it became more and more time consuming. I was regularly spending a large number of hours each week supporting & managing the team and family, and reduced the amount of time to do my official role as a case manager.

 In August 2017, following a recommendation from my Clinical Director, I had a meeting with Libertatem Healthcare to discuss their bespoke Managed Service. After they did a full review and audit of the whole package they overtook the management element in September 2017. Since then, I  have been able to allow them to do what they do best and return to my role for the client as a clinical case manager.

 Their dedicated and unique approach to package management has developed and added much needed skilled staff to the team and has benefited myself, the client and their family along with providing managerial & clinical support to the team.

 I would highly recommend this service to other Case Management and Healthcare professionals who experience similar challenges.”

Tracy Holcroft,

Clinical Case Manager,

Stokes Case Management

“No matter what the cause may be, losing one’s life-long independence requires stoicism. And stoicism will be in short supply. As if that were not enough, being confronted with the suggestion of outside help, in the shape of a carer, can sometimes bring an expected outright rejection.

In such circumstances to regain any semblance of lost independence requires a wider, more considered approach – one which recovers the old outward thinking with its greater social opportunities and prospects.

Following a major accident with multiple injuries and lengthy rehabilitation, I found the encouraging and understanding attention of a highly competent Libertatem Healthcare carer able to transform a bleak mental landscape into a fresh therapeutic outlook. It has transformed an introverted misery into a re-constructed self.

In what appears at first a contradiction to the dwindling independence, the real value of a carer can prove to be a scholarly move. It is transformative and whatever the injury circumstances, it must be given real consideration and should be tried. From my own experience I strongly recommend it and the service that Libertatem Healthcare have provided to me directly.”

R Rees.

LHG Client since June 2018


“I would like to take this opportunity to praise Libertatum healthcare for their continued good work, for providing 24hr care for my son.

Since the inception of them taking over his complicated package I have been impressed by their professionalism along with their promise to involve my son in the selection of his care team.

This leads to a generally stable package that is paramount in trust between client and carers.

We have a good rapport between the management and ourselves which means that most problems can be solved over the phone or by email.”

Ed G – Father of Client

LHG Client since 2018