Pay Increase Notification


17th November 2021

Notification of pay increase for all valued Libertatem Healthcare Employees

In recognition of the outstanding work that you all continue to undertake and the commitment that you have shown to your clients over the past 18 months and that we hope continues long into the future, the board of directors have taken the decision to award all of our valued employees with a pay increase of 14% for all work undertaken from midnight on Monday 6th December onwards.

We sincerely hope that your pay increase reflects the admiration that the board of directors has for you as our employees and the value that we place on you as the front end of company.

We also hope this will help many of you combat the rise in fuel costs, energy increases and other essentials that appear to be increasing in cost at the moment.
If you have read or watched the news recently you will have noticed that the government has unfrozen pay increases for public sector workers in 2022 but has yet to commit to the percentage and will not confirm whether or not any increases for NHS workers will be above the current inflation level of 3.1%. We are expecting the government to award on increase to all NHS workers of around this figure of just below that percentage level.

With the cost of inflation and the work that you all do we feel that an increase of around 3% would be an insult and that is why the decision has been taken for your increase to be both significant and meaningful.

As mentioned, your change in rate will come into effect for all hours worked from the 6th December onwards. Your wages for that week are paid into your account on Friday 17th December which will be the date of the first payslip you will receive showing the new rate. Please do not call the office on Friday 10th of December and say you have not been paid the new rate. Friday 10th December’s pay reflects work undertaken between 29th November and 5th December.

The new rate can only be applied by the software system to employees that have all their mandatory training in date. Therefore if you do have any mandatory training that needs to be completed it must be done as soon as possible. If you are unsure if you have any training that requires completion, then please contact your care coordinator.
Once again, the board of directors would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued hard work and commitment and we all hope that this continues for a long time to come.
Yours faithfully

Graham, Dan & Karen
Board of Directors
Libertatem Healthcare Group

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